internacional airport | 2011


location São Gonçalo do Amarante, RN
area 25 260,00 m²
program urban infraestructure
phase schematic deisgn

A contemporary airport demands a logic of flexibility which allows a continuous process of transformation and growing of its infrastructure, in a different way of the traditional growth of the number of terminals. To achieve this, it is necessary to be very flexible and dynamic, as well as diversify the sources of income. From this premise, it was proposed a masterplan where the very own expansion of the airport installations, generates an urban development as in the concept of the “Airport-Cities”, which demands a coordinated planning of the airport infrastructure and the organized occupation of the surrounding areas. This attracts business, products and services of high aggregated value, both for exporting and internal market), high technology industries, learning centers, residential complexes, hotels and leisure areas. The business plan predicts a moderated expansion of the airport until mid 2040, but the designed masterplan allows a level of flexibility that make possible to an even greater expansion in the case of a more favorable economic scenery, always taking into account the investment volume and capacity of passengers and users..