bar and restaurant | 2010


location São Paulo, SP
area 760,00 m²
program institutional
phase built

It was asked to our office, by the direction of the Sport Club Pinheiros, a reform and extension of the existing bar near of the soccer field of the club. Previously, there was only a little kiosk on the field surrounded by trees and because of the small site for the project; we decided that our initial approach would be the division of the program in two pavements. The kitchen would work on the two levels of the building, and a little elevator for the dishes would connect it. The superior pavement was aligned with the existing bleachers to provide a better visual of the field for the games. Since the site was narrow and located within a great number of large trees, it was necessary to give a special attention to the canopy that we intended to use. The main idea was to execute the project without damaging the existing flora, just cutting the branches when it was necessary, so we opted to use a tensioned structure that would cover the restaurant and create a protective shadow for the users. Therefore, the last experience that we had with the Hebraica Club, proved to be very important, since we used the technics of that last project in a another situation that demanded a more organic form that would harmonize himself with the surroundings and the landscape of the club.