nursery | 2003


location São Paulo, SP
area 95,00 m²
program institutional
phase built

The new nursery Project emerges along other projects conceived by our office upon conclusion of the Director´s Plan for the Hebraica Club. The development of this Director´s plan purpose was to formulate long term guidelines in order to allow certain flexibility so that new architectural and programmatic changes can be implemented by new directors of the club along the years. The existing nursery attends two groups of children: one group from 0-2 years of age and another group from 2-6 years of age; a breast- feeding area, cafeteria and a kitchen, all of this in a space of 120m2. The new nursery segment was placed right by the tree shaded playground. These nursery spaces were separated using low dividers in combination with high windows to allow for a pleasant cross ventilation and natural illumination. The sun exposure is managed with the use of wood louvers providing pleasant partial shading. The architectural façade is quite colorful and the floor is made from yellow epoxy. The fun shapes of the bathrooms and restrooms contribute to a playful environment. The breastfeeding and baby changing are bathed with warm indirect sunlight.