exhibition cultural center | 2014


location Cabo Frio, RJ
area 4 850,00 m²
program cultural | nacional competition
phase schematic design 

It’s up to the architecture to understand the need of its users, even being a small scale, like a house, or a large scale, like a cultural center proposed by the competition. Therefore, discover the exact dimension that a space should have to be appropriated to each function is indispensable. However, unlike the common sense, a good convention center is not characterized by the precision of its area, but in its flexibility of use. The many events that could happen, rarely have the same dimensions. For example, an exhibition that its related to fashion hardly will need the same area or high that an event related to construction. So, a good exhibition center should be able to bear any king of fairs, without exceeding or lacking space. With this premise, we create the concept from the space organization of the project. To accordingly admit the diversity of festivals it is proposed a great hall, which is not obstructed by structural elements, with the possibility of being divided in two minor spaces. Besides that, the five meeting rooms, prevised in the project´s program to bear a hundred people each, were interpreted as reprogrammable spaces with the possibility of being both a restricted meeting places as an open complement to the expository area. The same happens in the auditorium, that spatially integrates to the exhibition salon, but also has the possibility of independent functioning, diving itself in two minor rooms..