Ambev direct distribution center | 2003


location Diadema, SP
area 35 000,00 m²
program industrial
phase built

The project in Diadema is the first to be completed and represents Ambev’s effort to hold a project planned in all its stages, involving a multidisciplinary team coordinated by our office. The program of the Logistic Centre comprises basically a large building for beverage storage, a building with changing rooms and support for drivers, a Sales building with areas for product sales and administration of the center of merchandising and a building where they are stored materials for promotion of products. The total built area is approximately 26,000 m2 in a field of 80,000 m2.The architecture is simple by using materials common in industrial projects - pre-shaped concrete structure, pre-painted steel plates for closing and coverage and concrete bricks - but the big difference is the deployment that combines logistics work and the buildings disposal to form a cohesive and harmonious set, where the unit blocks are stitched by an extensive horizontal block that organizes and closes the site.