comercial building | 2013


location São Paulo, SP
area 215 000,00 m²
program comercial | private competition
phase schematic design 

This project is located on Marginal Tietê. It develop with the site and the surrounding area a relation of balance and permeability. The edification was thought based on the sustainable guidelines. The project try to bring the view of the site without construction by an elevation of first floor. The relation of the building with the city is established by the setback and the big square that is in a different level. This give a continuity potential of Tietê river and floodplain amplitude. This continuity allow us to notice the river and in this way bring it to the city. The connection with the ground floor is through four upright circulation core that work like entrance halls. Each core is adapted to the different frontage what provide different experiences for the user when it enter the building. The second stage of the project is about to use an Urban Operation to achieve more constructive potential and be able to develop more three service towers with the same guidelines of the first stage towers.