nursing home | 1994


location São Paulo, SP
area 4 1500,00 m²
program institutional
phase built

The Santo Agostinho’s Club design was generated from its programmatic needs. The boundary lines were determined by neighborhood guidelines and the topography of its ample territory. The building site was delineated by its open surrounding areas. The built environment was built in a human scale which adapts to the behavior and perception of the elderly. The surrounding open areas have opposing qualities: the first one is in the back of the site, being more secluded and quiet; the other one faces the street and is used as a communal area. The architectural elements were arranged in a way to propagate comfort and the security of the elderly. Ramps, uninterrupted handrails, visual protections, absence of steps between indoor and outdoor spaces are a few examples of such efforts. The space develops in function of the not so agile human body, attempting to minimize its difficulties. The architecture is therefore at the service of the individual.