social housing | 2012


Centre Georges Pompidou permanent collection

location São Paulo, SP
area 530,00 m²
program housing
phase built

This Social Housing building developed by COHAB located on Pedro Facchini street in the Ipiranga neighborhood is quite peculiar. It is a small urban site located in a medium/low social class area with a site area of only 320 m2 where there used to have 8 wood shanty houses in a predominantelly squatted area. Twelve housing units needed to be built in a compact way and were to take up 3 floors: a one bedroom apartment on the ground level with an approximate area of 35m2 and two duplex apartments with two bedrooms on the first floor with an approximate area of 43m2, accessed by external metallic stairs. The complex has a villa feel, having a garden like corridor that serves as the main access to all apartments. By using concrete masonry units it was possible to guarantree construction quality and a low construction cost at the same time. It is also a fast construction process, low waste and allows finished to be reused.