elementary and high school | 1996


location Sao Paulo, SP
area 9 000,00 m²
program institutional
phase built

The pre-fabrication process has revealed itself to offer more advantages than we had expected. It allowed the program to be concluded in 14 months and also allowed much innovation based simply on the nature of the construction process. The hyper-static structure is composed of peripheral beams that also act as fittings for the curtain wall. To integrate the structure, a welding system was developed to join the pre-fabricated pieces to the beams and floor slabs. To attend the client´s request, the building lost its industrial warehouse look. To upgrade the look, the beam connections were indented into the beam and the overhangs in the façade were sheathed with white ceramic panels. The rigidity of the cube was softened by a few design features. First, the central atrium where all students gather; a semi-open volume touching the external staircase, a metallic structure forming a prominent element of the façade in which each landing has a small platform with a view; at last, the marquise at the main entry of the building which offers a more human scale with a lower ceiling that is extended into the building..