nacional accounting council expansion | 2007


location São Paulo, SP
area 6 300,00 m²
program institutional
phase built

In 2006 CRC SP purchased an adjacent building with the objective of integrating it to the existing building. The union between the new and the existing building was made through a glass box containing ramp and stair connection to and from each level. All of the administrative functions remain in the existing tower while the new building therefore has all of the public functions such as customer service establishments, a museum, auditorium, mediatheque and a large reception hall. Five linear meters of the existing façade of the building was demolished, the sidewalk widened and a suspended garden was placed above the underground level. This configuration allows the areas which were initially meant to be entirely paved to have green areas that enter the building so that the museum and the prismatic glass box can mix into the Auditorium Foyer and the waiting area for customer service. All the art pieces in the museum can therefore be visible from anywhere in the building. The auditorium is a red box on the first floor which glows amongst the white and glass of the other spaces. The previous arched structure is substituted by a lighter metallic space frame, which ties the complex all together.