public transportation system stations | 2010


location Manaus, AM
program urban infrastructure
phase design development 

The BRT Manaus project was conceived based on the São Paulo BRT built in 2006, where the main design concerns were transparence, horizontality and lightweight.
The Manaus project however had a local specificity: the rain. The solution was to consider the shelter’s drainage system as a fundamental part of the project, defined by a previous study of the local climatic conditions. To enable a better rainwater flow, a gutter with 40cm width was fixed on the roof central axis.
The project also considers the installation of steam water blowers to minimize the heat inside the shelters from the city high temperatures. It was necessary to include a ratchet system for access control, so we proposed an automatic system that had to be synchronized with the buses arriving, a big challenge for the project because of the proper adaptation for each bus model.