collective housing | 2009


location Amsterdam, Holanda
area 25 225,00 m²
program housing |ideas international competition
phase schematic design 

An answer to the generic city is a multifunctional green building, joining several functions of the city: living, working and leisure. The one-block construction allows a simple solution to the sustainability systems, from the water treatment to the clean energy solutions. The objective of the proposed plan makes a radical transformation of the obsolete industrial site into an intensive residential and employment district on the north bank of the IJ, without wherever, making an intensive occupation. The created space is a green area with just one visible object floating over the water. The central place allows natural lighting and ventilation to the underground floor, where the commercial and cultural areas are located.
The squared form of the created island strengthens the idea of the fort: an open fort and a green square at the end of the perspective. The created island gives strength to the aerial view of the site and equilibrates the landscape with the Film Museum. From the Central Station of Amsterdam the building becomes a reference at the end of the landscape. The squared form references the fort, the order, the measurements, beauty, wealth and pleasure….