telecommunications building | 1997


location São Paulo, SP
area 2 000,00 m²
program institutional
phase built

Sited in the residential neighborhood of Tatuapé, in the eastern part of the city of São Paulo, the architectural complex houses a huge telecommunication tower which causes a certain discomfort at the look of a passerby. It is a dense center for program solutions and it uses materials in an interesting and sophisticated way. The object therefore breaks the monotony of the area which is, actually in the process of becoming more vertical.
The inside-outside interface wants to transmit a transparency in the façade and expose the human circulation in order to humanize the space and eliminate some of its machine-like qualities. It also reveals some of its mechanisms along with its more human functions. With this solution, the architects regain the informative role sometimes lost in architecture, breaking a bit of the hostility of an unknown, robotic building.