civic center refurbishment | 2004


location São Paulo, SP
area 2 200,00 m²
program institutional
phase built

The original building that houses the Club’s Social Headquarters was designed by Jorge Wilheim. It expressed the ideal concepts of modern architecture such as great spans, terraces and overhangs. In the last years the building went through multiple remodels that were unable to maintain its integrity. An interior remodel therefore would have to be radical, inclusive and strong in concept. The original volume composed of multiple spans and an independent structure would adapt well to any program, layout or circulation scheme. Beyond the initial suggestion of eliminating some internal walls, in return some volumes would be added, louvers and tensile structures to redefine the internal space as well as its envelope, which sits between Marginal Pinheiros Highway and the inside area of the club. A mediatheque is added to the library and the offices become working areas in a panoramic setting. The synagogue is given a lighter, broader and incredibly well lit space with the holy arc floating in the air. The façade begins to be interpreted as contemporary architectonic skins that interact and communicate to the outside what goes on in the inside of the building through the use of graphics. The side facing the highway for an example is treated to catch the attention of high speed drivers. On the other side facing the club, the attention of the pedestrian is drawn. The curtain-wall and terraces are kept; the synagogue has its skin on the first floor separated from the main volume creating a void that worked as an attraction point which reveals the space of most importance. A tensile structure creates an outdoor-indoor transition to this important space.