Bacco Associated Architects, is a multidisciplinary practice, with 25 years of experience. We are always aiming at the crossing between a business savvy company and a small "atelier" kind of practice, where our discussions and reflexions orient space conception.

We are experts at creating spaces for the most diversified uses, after designing several logistics centers, masterplans, commercial, residential and industrial buildings, and 6 international airports, including Vitória International Airport and Belo Horizonte International Airport, one of the most importants in Brazil.

Our team works as a core of development, coordination and quality control of projects, and often collaborate with very qualified consultants.

Our works are featured in a number of print and online especialized publications, and two of them are in the Centre Georges Pompidou permanent collection, in Paris: the Bus Transfer Stations for the city of São Paulo, and the social housing Pedro Fachini, built for COHAB-SP (housing company of the state of São Paulo).



Marcelo Consiglio Barbosa
Jupira Corbucci


Heralcir Cesari Valente da Silva
João Paulo Procópio Lacerda
Laura Elisa Poggio

Adriana L. Junquer Collet
Carolina Lira Moreira
Débora de Oliveira Bueno
Débora Ribeiro da Silva
Diego Gonçalves Silva
Edson Rozzo Maruyama
Geane Kaori Natsumeda
Gisele Gonzalez Lestingi
Gustavo Prado Fontes
Jaqueline Dias Bueno da Silva
Jayne Lima Pacheco
Laís Labate d’ Almeida e Silva
Larissa Urbano de Oliveira
Ludmila  Beck Alcantara Rodrigues  Cavalli
Nathalie Hellmich Gomes
Maruício Cavalcanti Farias Junior
Pedro Martins Teixeira
Vinícius Marques Barreto Junior
Ricardo de Queiroz dos Santos
Ruben Alberto Saldias Millon