student housing | 2015


5th place

location Osasco, SP
area 20 000,00 m²
program housing | nacional competition
phase schematic design 

The relationship between city and building was a major concern during the designing process of this building, soon becoming the central guideline for the project. Understanding that great contemporary metropolises are idealizes as production and consumption centers, not only advertising and images, as consequence the excess of information, noises, and constructions makes the urban environment crushing. To balance this situation, the implantation of the housing buildings value the horizontality, intercalating empty and filled spaces, in a quest for the small, pedestrian scale. Program related, instead of simply stacking different activities, generating a tall building, we opted for a uniform distribution along the terrain, looking for the flourish of and urban condition inside the lot. This multiple activities are connected by an internal network of streets, plazas and communal rooms, promoting social interaction between the students, as a city extension inside the campus.